This place just feels like home. The service is good, the food is excellent and it's attatched to "Crown Brewery", which won many awards for their brews. Visit them Tuesday & Thursday for great specials. If this is the first time going there, don't be "turned off" by the smaller scaled building, there's a lot of room inside and out!!!! - John
Awesome food: They have the best beef sandwiches and pizza in the area. - Phillip
WOW great pizza very cool building and the service was just as good. PS. love the Beer - DJ
Awesome pizza and their chicken is even better. It's a great deal to get chicken, potato wedges and cole slaw for less money than when you order pizza and still have quite a bit leftover! - Bob
Carriage Court Pizza has been around forever and there is a reason why. The pizza is delicious. The employees are trained well and the food is always the same great quality every time. - MJ
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